7 small things that you can do to show support to your local restaurant during Covid-19

They’re almost all free and you won’t even need to leave the house to help

Updated on 16 March 2020

7 small things that you can do to show support to your local restaurant during Covid-19

As it is in nearly every sector, Covid-19 is already having a huge effect on the hospitality industry. Numerous restaurants in Singapore, as well as all over the world, have already taken the decision to temporarily close up shop, both to try and further prevent the spread of the virus, but also now to minimise the financial effect that all the uncertainty can have on their business.

The fact of the matter is that Coronavirus has undeniably already had a massive impact on restaurants in the form of a huge decrease in the number of restaurant and event bookings, as well as cancellations of existing bookings. So we would like to ask you to do your bit to help out the currently struggling industry, and also make you aware of some of small things that you can do to help reduce the negative effects of Covid-19 on the staff and owners of many small local restaurants.

If you are interested in supporting your local restaurants, below are seven simple things you can do which in the long run could go a long way towards helping out the industry.

Writing a nice review…

Writing a review of your favourite local restaurant may sound like nothing, but actually it can really help spread the word. If everyone reading this took the time to write just one review and post it somewhere online, it would have a brilliant effect overall. It’s also just as much about making the restaurant and staff members feel great when they read your positive words as it is about advising other people to go there. It’s obviously great when readers write reviews on our website of their favourite restaurants, but the truth is that any review posted online or on social media helps.

Interact with the restaurant’s social posts

Again, this might not sound like a big deal, but by simply liking, sharing, or commenting on social media posts from small local restaurants, you are keeping their engagement levels high which means that more people will get to see and hear about their food. It’ll take barely a moment out of your day but could ultimately help the restaurant a huge amount.

Post pictures of your favourite dishes on social media

We know that most of you can’t resist taking a cheeky pic of your food whenever you’re eating out but just by making sure you actually post the pictures on your social media and tag the restaurant in question, you’re spreading the word.

Sign up to restaurants’ newsletters

If you want to go a bit further in your support for your local restaurant, why not subscribe to a newsletter, and you might even find you’re the first to find out about discounts and offers.

Think before you cancel

Have you got a dinner booked and you think the sensible thing to do is just to cancel? Make sure you check the government guidelines first before you panic. If you make sure you’re taking all of the basic but necessary precautions, the risk is still low so make sure you stay up to date with the latest advice.

Be Kind

Whether it’s just making sure you’re being extra smiley and grateful when you’re at a restaurant or showing a bit of love on social media, a bit of extra effort goes a long way during testing times like these.

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